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How Much Does Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication Cost?

Many people who have to get surgery have the common concern of how much that surgery is going to cost. Transoral incisionless fundoplication is a surgery that usually will be covered by most insurance companies, as it is related to your health and well being. When a patient does get the surgery, it will usually improve their overall health and lower their medical costs at the same time. Less frequent trips to the doctor over the acid reflux issues means money saved for the patient. So, even a patient who does not have insurance and they pay out of pocket, over time they will still save money by having the transoral incisionless fundoplication surgery. In addition, getting the transoral incisionless fundoplication surgery should also save you money because there is a good chance you will not require as much (or any) medication after surgery.

In most cases, the costs incurred for the transoral incisionless fundoplication, for the responsible paying party (insurance or private) will be for the surgeon’s fees, facility fees, and visits to the doctor to review the healing progress. When you first visit with your doctor about your transoral incisionless fundoplication the costs associated should be discussed and they can verify coverage with your insurance provider. If you have a private party insurance, you may have to go through a bigger process to get approval for the surgery, so it’s certainly a good idea to verify with them what they cover. They may just need a special referral from your normal family doctor. This is an easy enough extra step to complete.

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